Your Risk

clipsBoating is a fun activity when you know what to do.

A day in the sun, wind and waves can affect your vision, alertness and reaction times.

Your passenger's attention and balance will be affected too! Alcohol is a big factor.

A capsize can happen unexpectedly in small boats. A fall overboard in cold water is very dangerous due to the gasp reflex.

Your Responsibility

zipperAs the owner or operator of a boat you have a duty of care to your passengers.

You must provide a lifejacket that fits each size of person properly. When should you insist that they wear it?

Can you ensure their safety?

Are you fully prepared for a sudden emergency situation? Does everyone know exactly what to do?

Your Choice

label- A Lifejacket or PFD?

- What type of activity

- Style, comfort & fit

- New Inflatables

- Protection

For comfort, peace of mind and excellent performance when you need it most.

The right design, fit and buoyancy makes all the difference.

Check out slotsdad the new products and choose one for you.

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- Drowning Research

- Safety Campaigns

- Courses


- Small Vessel Regs.

- Safe Boating Guide

- Enforcement


New Look and Expanded wearalifejacket.com

Just in time for National Lifejacket Day on May 19, wearalifejacket.com is launching a new look with expanded content and a focus on letting folks know about the wide range of comfortable, cool and stylish lifejackets and PFDs that are now available for every boating activity. read more>


National Lifejacket Day May 19

Red Cross National Lifejacket Day serves to remind us all that a lifejacket or personal flotation device needs to be worn to work. Learn more and a chance to win free life lifejackets for the entire family:  http://www.redcross.ca/article.asp?id=18251&tid=001


North American Safe Boating Week May 20-27

Spring is in full swing and the opening of boating season is right around the corner. Boaters are checking out their equipment and making plans for a summer of fun, friends and adventure on the water. read more>


Manufacturers Corner
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- How to Choose

- Care of Lifejackets

- New Designs & Testing


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- Harmonization of standards